Overview Information

State Legislation, Executive Orders, and Procedures for Local Government Allocations

  • AZ Executive Order 2009-12
    This executive order designated the Arizona Department of Commerce to administer QECBs, recovery zone economic development bonds, and recovery zone facility bonds programs.
  • CO QECB Legislation - HB 09-1346
    This legislation addresses such areas as definitions and stimulus obligations, as well as federal tax credits.
    • CO QECB Request for Applications
      This Request for Applications is intended to select proposals in the private sector that would use QECBs to assist in financing of Colorado clean energy projects.
    • CO QECB Application
      The Colorado general assembly passed HB09‐1346. Through this competitive application, GEO will determine the volume cap allocations for small local governments and the State of Colorado.
    • CO QECB Private Projects
      This application is specifically focused on private use of QECBs.
  • CT Executive Order 41
    This executive order addresses the re-allocation of QECB volume caps to large local governments.
  • ID Executive Order 2012-09
    This executive order addresses the allocation of volume caps for QECBs and outlines guidelines designed to ensure compliance with Section 54D (e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
  • MA Executive Order - 516
    This executive order addresses the allocation of volume caps for QECBs and outlines guidelines designed to ensure compliance with Section 54D (e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
  • MI QECB Project Application Process
    This is an open competitive process to distribute QECB allocations to Michigan Communities receiving the highest scores from the checklist of DELEG priorities as listed in the accompanying document.
  • MO QECB Notice of Intent
    This document is a notice of intent from MO to issue QECBs. The purpose of the allocation process is to assure that the State as a whole takes full advantage of this federally tax-advantaged bonding opportunity
  • NYSERDA Sale of QECBs Supports Residential Energy Efficiency
    In August 2013, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority raised $24.3 million in its first-ever issuance of revenue bonds to finance residential energy efficiency improvements.  The Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A) were issued as Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) as part of NYSERDA's Green Jobs-Green New York (GJGNY) program, a statewide initiative to promote energy efficiency and the installation of clean technologies to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, support sustainable community development and create opportunities for green jobs.
  • OK Executive Order 2012-34
    This executive order provides guidance for QECBs.
  • SC Volume Cap Allocation Act
    This legislation, passed on June 21, 2010 and signed by the Governor, does not include CREBs; the QECBs, unlike other bonds, do not expire.
    • SC QECB Local Allocation Application
      This sample application is divided into such sections as bond purpose, location of project, and cost summary, among others, which are outlined in detail throughout.
  • UT QECB Application
    This application is to provide information to the Private Activity Bond Authority Board to aid in the allocation of volume cap for qualified conservation purposes in UT.
  • UT Executive Order 2009
    This executive order establishes a system for allocating QECB volume caps in compliance with the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
  • WA QECB Allocation Procedures
    This document from the Washington Department of Commerce discusses allocation/reallocation procedures, eligible project types, as well as timelines.

Guidance and Procedures on Project Eligibility

  • U.S. Department of Energy EECBG QECB & CREBs Guidance
    The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to the Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) grantees regarding Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) and New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (New CREBs).
  • AZ QECB Program Guidelines
    This document contains information on QECB guidelines from the AZ Department of Commerce, including eligible project types, as well as reporting.
  • CO QECB Appendix and Provisions
    This appendix provides definitions and guidelines for using QECBs in such areas as reporting, wage rate requirements, and inspection of records, among others. Further details follow within.
  • CO QECB Q and A
    This document addresses questions surrounding CO's QECBs for financing clean energy projects.

Local Government Resolutions and Letters of Intent

  • City of Boulder, CO - City Council Agenda Item
    The purpose of this agenda item is to request consideration and approval of a resolution, authorizing the use of QECBs allocated to the city by the Governor's Energy Office for energy efficiency improvements to city facilities.
  • Ely School District, MN - Official Statement
    This statement provides details on Ely School District taxable general obligation school building bonds, in which proceeds will be used, along with other available District funds, to finance the acquisition and improvement of District facilities, including heating plant improvements. The bonds are valid and binding general obligations of the District for which the District pledges its full faith and credit and power to levy direct general ad valorem taxes.
  • Louisville/Jefferson County, KY - Official Statement
    This statement is furnished in connection with the issuance of the Bonds referred to within this document by the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government. The Bonds are being issued to provide moneys to finance certain energy conservation projects, and to pay the costs of issuance.
  • St. Louis, MO - Official Statement
    The purpose of this statement is to furnish information relating to St. Louis County, MO and the County's Taxable Special Obligation Bonds (QECBs – Direct Pay for a Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program).
  • Waterbury, CT - Official Statement
    This statement is provided for the purpose of presenting certain information relating to the City of Waterbury, CT in connection with the City's sale of General Obligation Bonds.

QECB Reallocations

The following documents contain sample language, signatories, and volume caps for the resolutions of reallocations surrounding QECBs within various counties in the state of Oregon.