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2015 Energy Master Plan

State Energy Plan 2015 Energy Master Plan
Date of Current Plan 2015
Authoring Agency Governor's Office, advisory board (with SEO involvement)

This plan is operational with additional planning through the Office of Clean Energy.  The 2015 Master Plan replaces the state’s 2011 Energy Master Plan.  It was created due to confronting dependence on oil, nuclear power and the mining of coal.  Also, global events that underscore technology choices presenting risks to society and the environment played a part in its development.  Through this plan, the administration will manage energy in a manner which saves money, stimulates the economy, creates jobs, protects the environment, mitigates long-term cumulative impacts, and is consistent with the goals of the State Strategic Plan.  It contains five overarching goals which include driving down the cost of energy for all consumers; promoting a diverse portfolio of new, clean, in-state generation; rewarding energy efficiency and energy conservation and reduce peak demand; capitalizing on emerging technologies for transportation and power production; and maintaining support for the renewable energy portfolio standard of 22.5% of energy from renewable sources by 2021.  In addition to this, the administration supports a goal of securing 70% of the state’s energy needs from "clean" energy sources by 2050.

Created by Mandate

Statute 52:27F-14