The Weidt Group

5800 Baker Road, Suite 100
Minnetonka, MN 55345

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The Weidt Group is an energy and software consulting firm, working with state and local governments, architects, engineers, building owners, and utilities to achieve high-performance buildings. We provide Energy Design Assistance and Measurement & Verification services for commercial new construction, as well as Engineering Benchmarks for improving ongoing performance of existing buildings. For over 30 years, through seamless collaboration on over 176 million square feet of construction, The Weidt Group has helped reduce air pollution by more than 956 kilotons and save 270 peak megawatts of power each year, while saving building owners and operators over 94 million dollars annually. The Weidt Group is also a current market leader in software design, creating sophisticated software tools for energy information delivery that convert data into knowledge based on modeled, measured and tracked building performance.