NASEO is organized into six regions to facilitate coordination among state energy officials, develop multi-state programs to leverage resources, and foster peer sharing around policies and programs.

NASEO’s regional coordinators have extensive experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, including unique state energy policy and program expertise, which makes them invaluable resources not only for the states in their region, but also for NASEO’s Affiliate Members.  Regional coordinators convene regularly with the state energy officials in their region, connect with other state agencies and regional organizations, and support the development of regional projects that leverage states’ efforts.

NASEO Regions

NASEO Regional Meetings

NASEO hosts a series of Regional Meetings each year for the State Energy Offices (SEOs).  During these events, State Energy Officials convene to address pressing issues and identify regional actions on subjects ranging from program direction under the U.S. State Energy Program (SEP) to comprehensive and strategic approaches within state energy planning.  In addition, NASEO regional meetings provide attendees with a chance to exchange ideas, interact with important stakeholders from across the region, strategize over current and upcoming challenges, and explore opportunities and potential collaborations with other industry experts.

NASEO Affiliate members are invited to attend the Regional Meetings to learn more about the states’ priorities in key areas.  There is a nominal fee for Affiliate members to attend each meeting.  For more information, please contact Garth Otto (

NASEO Board of Directors Regional Representatives

Northeast Jessie Stratton, Connecticut
Asa Hopkins, Vermont
NASEO Staff Contact Chuck Clinton
Mid-Atlantic Tommy Wells, District of Columbia
Marisa Slaten, New Jersey
NASEO Staff Contact Chuck Clinton
Southeast David Gipson, Georgia
NASEO Staff Contact Brian Henderson
Midwest Tristan Vance, Indiana
Maria Redmond, Wisconsin
NASEO Staff Contact Chuck Clinton
Central Jeff Ackermann, Colorado
Paul Miller, Louisiana
NASEO Staff Contact Melissa Savage
West Andrew McAllister, California
Laura Nelson, Utah
NASEO Staff Contact Bill Nesmith