Washington State Energy Office

Washington State Department of Commerce
1011 Plum Street, SE
P.O. Box 42525
Olympia, WA 98504-2525
360.725.3118 fax: 360.586.8440

The Washington State Energy Office provides energy policy support, analysis, and information for the Governor, Legislature, Commerce and other energy decision makers.  We look at key energy issues including natural gas, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, renewable energy development, greenhouse gas emissions, energy supply and price.

The State Energy Program emphasizes our role as the decision maker and administrator for the program activities within the state. We are a vital resource for delivering energy benefits, addressing state energy goals and coordinating energy-related emergency preparedness in the state.

Our team provides technical and policy support to Washington members of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, other state agencies and state congressional officials on federal and regional energy policies and legislation. We provide financial and technical assistance through funding from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The 2013 state capital budget included funding for various clean energy projects in the state to be administered by us. This includes a revolving loan fund; smart grid grants to utilities; federal grant matching funds; returning recovery act funds; and, energy efficiency and solar grants for public buildings.

Staff Contacts

Mark Anderson
Emergencies & Siting
360.725.3117 fax: 360.586.8440

Patti Miller-Crowley
Energy Policy Specialist
360.725.3122 fax: 360.586.8440

Peter Moulton
Emerging Technologies Lead
360.725.3116 fax: 360.586.8440

Greg Nothstein
Petroleum, Policy, & Data Analysis
360.725.3112 fax: 360.586.8440

Tony Usibelli
Division Director
360.725.3110 fax: 360.586.8440


Washington State University Energy Program

925 Plum Street, SE, Bldg #4
P.O. Box 43165
Olympia, WA 98504-3165
360.956.2000 fax: 360.956.2010

Staff Contacts

Todd Currier
Division Manager fax: 360.956.2010

Jacob Fey
360.956.2002 fax: 360.956.2010