NASEO-DOE Webinar - Action Steps for States: Moving Towards a Future with Demand Flexibility

August 13, 2019, 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

The State and Local Energy Efficiency (SEE) Action Network is actively exploring how GEB can support state energy goals and objectives. SEE Action is currently developing three reports with Berkeley Lab covering the following topics identified as high interest to state decision-makers:

• Introduction for State and Local Governments: Covers key aspects of grid services that buildings can provide, challenges and opportunities, and ways to be involved
• Assessing Value: Focuses on how current methods and practices that establish the value to the electric utility system of energy efficiency, demand response and other distributed energy resource investments can be enhanced to determine the value of grid services provided by demand flexibility resources in grid-interactive efficient buildings
• Assessing Performance: Summarizes current practices and opportunities to encourage robust and cost-effective assessments, advance demand flexibility performance, and improve planning based on verified performance

Join Lisa Schwartz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to learn more about action steps for states to become involved as they consider opportunities for demand flexibility that grid-interactive efficient buildings can provide. The webinar is August 13, 3-4pm ET.