NASEO Issues are the formal mechanism for members to work on key priorities and ongoing issues. The primary role of the committees is to identify emerging issues relevant to the state and territory energy offices, and to collect, analyze, and disseminate this information to educate members and others. The committees' work helps to guide the association's strategic direction and, where appropriate, build consensus on pertinent issues.



Provides strategic direction for activities in the residential, commercial, and public buildings sectors and guides efforts to support building energy codes.


Energy Security

Covers energy data collection and analysis issues and energy assurance, which includes responding to energy supply disruptions and enhancing energy infrastructure resiliency.  Responsible for cyber security.


Energy Financing

Addresses energy efficiency and renewable energy financing mechanisms and tools, such as qualified energy conservation bonds, revolving loan funds, loan loss reserves, and property assessed clean energy programs.


Fuels and Grid Integration

Directs activities related to the production, distribution, and consumption of electricity and liquid and gas fuels.  Examines state, regional, and federal initiatives that affect energy sector resiliency and facilitates the efficient use of domestic resources.


Government Affairs

Highlights Congressional and Administration energy policy and legislation and related budget and appropriations actions.



Leads efforts to accelerate the use of domestic resources, reduce reliance on imported oil, and improve air quality in the transportation sector.  Focuses on natural gas, electric and hybrid-electric, hydrogen, biodiesel, and ethanol vehicles and infrastructure.