NASEO Webinar: Opportunities for States to Support a Just Energy Transition

October 27, 2022, 2:00 - 3:30 PM ET
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

As states and the federal government continue to reduce emissions from the electricity grid, the impending closure of coal plants and other fossil fuel industry closures will have a direct impact on coal workers and local communities. To mitigate this impact and support the local economy and labor force, states are looking at new tools and initiatives to ensure this transition is just, fair, and equitable, including meaningful worker and community engagement and opportunities to diversify the local and regional economies. Tools include replacing lost tax revenue, funding workforce training opportunities, supporting land reclamation projects, and forming just transition task forces. This webinar will feature speakers sharing information on these challenges, mitigation opportunities and the role of State Energy Offices in the process. Please register to attend here and email Kelsey Jones ( with any questions.