Maryland's First, All Solar Neighborhood Promising Big Savings to Buyers

Clarksburg Square, developed and built by Miami-based Lennar Corporation, is slated to become the first ‘all solar’ community in Maryland.  Plans call for all 190 townhomes to be built with state-of-the-art rooftop solar panels that will allow for real time monitoring of success (or failure). The panels will be manufactured and distributed by Lennar's sister company, SunStreet.

"Innovation is in our DNA,” Lennar regional sales manager Chris Birth remarked. “Being Maryland’s only 100% solar community is a tremendous asset to our buyers.”

According to Lennar, the solar panels come complimentary with each property, include a full 20-year warranty and promise to produce savings. The panels are designed to provide more than 50-percent of electricity use in households during the spring and fall months when Mid-Atlantic temperatures are mild, and long sunny days are in abundance. Each home's absorption of sunlight will depend on a number factors, including weather, plus the angle, direction and number of solar panels.

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