NY Green Bank Announces the Closing of 13 Transactions in 2016, Spurring Thousands of Clean Energy Projects

NY Green Bank recently announced that it closed 13 transactions during 2016, which will result in financing for thousands of clean energy projects, including solar, fuel cells and energy efficiency. The projects are expected to create new jobs in New York's clean energy economy, while spurring substantial economic development.

“Private sector developers, investors and financial institutions are expressing a strong, ongoing interest in working with NY Green Bank to develop solutions that address financing gaps and barriers, and our 2016 transactions demonstrate the breadth and scope of our work,” said NY Green Bank President Alfred Griffin. “This is an exciting time for the clean energy industry, as capital providers and developers look to advance opportunities for all New Yorkers.”

NY Green Bank’s commitment of more than $250 million during 2016 is expected to stimulate additional private sector clean energy investment in New York of more than $677 million, resulting in a total investment of $927 million from the year’s financings.

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