NASEO Concludes Series of Six Regional Meetings with State Energy Officials in Hershey, Pennsylvania

NASEO recently held its annual series of regional meetings specially designed for State Energy Officials and key staff, which included participation from federal agencies and, NASEO affiliate members.  Over the past few months, State Energy Offices (SEOs) convened in their respective regions to engage with one another in two-day, discussion-oriented meetings on region-specific issues covering a variety of topics including energy security, financing, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and state energy planning, among others.  In total, six regional meetings were held throughout the country, in the following locations: Boise, ID; Charleston, SC; Woodstock, VT; Oklahoma City, OK; Chicago, IL; and Hershey, PA.  Each meeting addressed unique program activities within each state, and on a regional level, while also sharing common themes, opportunities, and challenges from region-to-region.

Common themes and takeaways among the regions included: energy emergency planning and mitigation (and advancing improved coordination and communication); transportation activities, as well as updates surrounding the current Volkswagen Settlement; and state and local coordination in the solar sector.

NASEO will be also be developing an after-action report highlighting these meetings and themes across the region. It is NASEO’s goal to share this report with its members, for increased information sharing and coordination among the states.
Presentations from each meeting are available online: