DOE Discusses the Advanced Grid R&D Program

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Electricity Advisory Committee Meeting, held July 9-10, 2018 in Arlington, Virginia, raised many issues and subsequent solutions DOE is dealing with regarding the role of policy in the advancement of new technologies to serve the electric grid.

DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael Pesin, who oversees DOE's Advanced Grid Research and Development Program, remarked that new technologies cannot succeed in markets without the assistance of policy. He spoke of an interaction between policy, markets and technology. In his view, policy helps creates markets for the new technologies. State Energy Offices have a critical role in creating energy policy in their states, and thus are a critical component of market creation and technology development.

DOE's Advanced Grid R&D program includes efforts to introduce new technologies that will assist planning for both transmission and distribution grids, new technologies for power flows and grid operations and developments for energy storage. The R&D portfolio includes advanced sensors and communication devices for the grid and integrated systems for improved resilience and reliability. DOE is also researching new technological solutions for advanced security to threats both cyber and physical to the grid. Finally, the R&D portfolio is examining the integration of distributed energy resources and microgrids to help the grid serve consumers.

State Energy Offices are developing and implementing policies and programs to enhance the deployment of distributed energy resources, microgrids and energy storage. Resiliency and grid reliability from all threats is an increasing concern for energy officials. As states examine new ways to provide and manage electricity through grid modernization by use of new technologies, they can become effective partners with DOE in Advanced Grid Research and Development.

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