Iowa Energy Office Releases the Iowa Biomass Action Plan

The Iowa Energy Office released the Iowa Biomass Action Plan, which outlines steps that the state can take to build on the success of the biofuels industry and take Iowa’s bioeconomy to the next level.

Biomass is one of the largest sources of renewable energy within Iowa, representing nearly half of renewable energy consumed in 2016. Better utilizing this resource was one of the primary recommendations within the 2016 Iowa Energy Plan. The Biomass Action Plan identifies nine concrete strategies the state can take to address three primary objectives: support and encourage federal policy; optimize state policies and resources to better realize the benefits of a strong bioeconomy; and collaborate locally, while leading the regional conversation. Key recommendations within the Action Plan were based on the input of a collaborative Biomass Committee, direction provided by the Iowa Energy Plan, and research on biomass conversation potential and development strategies from around the world.  A copy of the Plan can be found here.