NASEO Attends National Clean Energy Policy Makers Symposium

NASEO recently attended the National Clean Energy Policy Makers Symposium in Washington D.C., which convenes policymakers, developers and energy industry members to explore the latest developments in clean energy technology and deployment.

The Symposium featured a panel that explored “Overcoming Regulatory Barriers to Advance the Clean Energy Sector.” The panel identified ways for states and businesses to increase the deployment and use of clean energy resources, and featured remarks by Dr. Laura Nelson, Executive Director for the Utah Office for Energy Development. Dr. Nelson discussed efforts in Utah to increase the use of energy resources in the state, such as creating tariffs for competitive energy sources and incentives for utilities to invest in energy efficiency, and noted that transmission constraints hinder the ability of the state to send energy to load centers located in neighboring states in the West. The panel also included Malcolm Woolf, Senior Vice President of Policy for Advanced Energy Economy and former NASEO Chair, and Michelle Patron, Director of Sustainability of Microsoft, who discussed policy actions by governments and corporate responses that will increase the use of clean energy.

Corporations are interested in purchasing clean energy to support their environmental sustainability efforts, and states continue to support clean energy development by providing incentives to develop energy resources located in within the state and distribute power throughout neighboring states or regions. To learn more about the event and clean energy policy development, visit: