New Colorado Governor Signs Historic Executive Order to Promote Electric Vehicles

The new Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, released an Executive Order supporting an aggressive transition to electric vehicles. The Order cites a recent study which concludes that a “large-scale transition to electric vehicles by 2050 would have cumulative net savings to Coloradans of $43 billion.” These savings are from reduced operating and maintenance costs for vehicle owners, health benefits, climate benefits, and reduced electricity bills.

The order contains four directives: A) the creation of a transportation electrification working group to oversee this transition; B) tasking the Department of Public Health and Environment to develop a rule on Zero Emission Vehicles to be presented to the Air Quality Control Commission by May 2019; C) revising Colorado’s Volkswagen Beneficiary Mitigation Plan to prioritize electrification; and D) tasking the Department of Transportation to develop a comprehensive zero emission vehicle plan.

For more information, please see Colorado’s press release, here.