Interest in Texas Power Pool Could Provide New Access to Reliable Renewables

On February 15th, Texas Energy Aggregation, under an initiative of the Texas Comptroller’s Statewide Procurement Division and the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), released a request for proposal (RFP) for the wholesale renewable portion of the Texas Power Pool.

The Texas Power Pool is an electricity purchasing aggregation approach enabling public entities, like state and local government agencies, medical centers, and public schools, to buy power at a low, stable prices. At least 16 different public bodies in Texas have submitted letters of interest to buy over 100 megawatts of Texas-generated renewable power at prices close to 3 cents per kilowatt-hour.

"Wind and solar power are now far cheaper than grid power,” says TEA President TJ Ermoian for PR Newswire. “But hitting a 3 cent per kWh target takes a large-scale buy, with credit-worthy off-takers, on contracts for 12-plus years."

Dub Taylor, Director of SECO, says that the Texas Power Pool will decrease energy prices for entities involved in the pool due to Texas’s prolific renewable energy portfolio and increased access to guaranteed pricing. Texas Energy Aggregation predicts that the Pool will be able to return financial benefits almost immediately as well.

To inquire about the Texas Power Pool’s RFP, contact or call 254-723-223.