NASEO Talks VW Settlement to Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association

On March 20, 2019, Dylan Tucker, Program Manager for NASEO, presented to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association, kicking off a session on the Volkswagen Settlement. Dylan’s presentation provided an overview of how the nearly $15 billion in settlement funds will be spent: $10 billion to vehicle replacements or refurbishments, $2 billion to create Electrify America, and nearly $3 billion given to state governments through an Environmental Mitigation Trust (EMT).

NASEO has teamed up with the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) to run the VW Working Group, providing guidance and a platform for peer-to-peer exchange, helping state through the process of the EMT. So far nearly $600 million has been spent through Electrify America and the EMT, largely supporting electric vehicle station development, and purchases of new, low-emission buses for public transportation systems and school districts.

After Dylan’s presentation, representatives from Electrify America presented the plan for their Cycle 2 investments. Decisions behind this plan were informed by the development of the PEV Policy Evaluation Rubric, an objective way to compare the support metro areas provide to EVSE development. Finally, representatives from 5 states shared how their states are approaching the EMT and what types of projects they expect to fund.

Click to view the VW Clearinghouse and the PEV Policy Rubric.