EPRI to Host Series of Electrification Events in U.S. and Abroad

In 2017, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) launched a strategic R&D initiative, focused on “Efficient Electrification,” or the use of electric end-use technologies that provide a range of efficiencies and cost savings to the customer, the grid, and society.

As part of that initiative, EPRI hosted its first-ever international Electrification International Conference and Exposition, last August, in Long Beach, California. The event attracted more than 1,800 attendees from various backgrounds and industries interested in exploring and collaborating on the potential opportunities for electrification.

Based on the success of that event, EPRI is launching a series of events in the U.S. and internationally, over the next year. Four of those events will be taking place in the U.S., and EPRI encourages and welcomes your participation.

These events will include:

  • “Pathways to Decarbonization in the Western U.S.”
    - Co-hosted with California Energy Commission
    - July 11-12, UC Berkeley, CA
    - For more information and to register, visit www.electrificationus.com/berkeley
  • “Pathways to Decarbonization in the Northeast U.S.”
    - Co-hosted with NEEP and NESCAUM
    - August 27-29, Brooklyn, NY
    - For more information and to register visit www.electrificationus.com/brooklyn
  • “The Electrification Experience”
    - Co-hosted with CPS Energy
    - October 2-3, San Antonio, TX
    - Registration opening soon
  • Electrification 2020 International Conference and Exposition: Enabling Efficient and Sustainable Solutions
    - April 6-9, 2019, Charlotte, NC
    - For more information visit www.electrification2020.com

To receive updates about all or some of EPRI’s Electrification family of events, please join our mailing list here. To subscribe to the Efficient Electrification at EPRI monthly newsletter, visit: https://www.epri.com/#/pages/sa/efficient-electrification?lang=en-US.

For additional details or questions, please contact Deana Dennis, EPRI’s Senior Manager of External and Government Affairs at ddennis@epri.com.