Multi-Organization $22 Billion Mission Critical Facility Energy and Resilience Retrofit Proposal

Over the past nine months, NASEO has worked with a variety of organizations to develop a proposed Mission Critical Facility Energy and Resilience Retrofit Program.  The proposed program has evolved over the past few weeks to include a broader group of supporting organizations and calls on Congress and the Administration to fund the retrofit of thousands of federal, state, and local mission critical facilities (e.g., healthcare, shelters, schools, water treatment, defense operations). The proposal would call for $18 billion of the $22 billion to run through State Energy Offices via the State Energy Program. The retrofits would be implemented through public private partnerships with federal funding for State Energy Office oversight and management, and federal funding for resilience elements of the projects (e.g., on-site power, structural improvements) that could not be paid for fully from energy cost savings. The proposal is being led by NASEO, Alliance to Save Energy, National Association of Energy Services Companies, Federal Performance Contracting Coalition, Institute for Market Transformation, and U.S. Green Building Council. Andrew McAllister, NASEO's Chair and Board Member of the Alliance to Save Energy, penned an op-ed - Road and Bridges, Yes. It's also Time to Put People to Work Rebuilding Mission Critical Facilities - on this concept a few days ago.

Read the full letter and proposal here: Multi-organization Letter to U.S. House and Senate Leadership on Mission Critical Facilities Resilience.

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