South Carolina Launches New Online State Financing Program Portal

Source: rlmartin

The South Carolina Energy Office recently launched EnergySaver.SC.GOV, a website that helps residential and commercial consumers easily find energy-saving programs. The need for this resource was first identified in the South Carolina Energy Plan in 2016, and the details were further refined during a U.S. Department of Energy and NASEO-sponsored Financing Partnerships Roundtable in December 2018.

The website is an online hub for energy financing, incentives, and related resources. The site’s Energy Saver Tool offers an easy way for the public to find existing state energy-saving programs that are available to them. The site’s users can also search by category or by program name to find specific program information. The site’s results and program information are printable and can be shared. In addition, the website includes energy-saving tips for homes and businesses in an easily-understandable format.

The South Carolina Energy Office has now begun a marketing plan to socialize the website among potential program customers and hopes that the launch of this website makes energy financing more accessible to the state’s citizens.