NASEO-NARUC Publication on Valuing Resilience for Microgrids: Challenges, Innovative Approaches, and State Needs

Source: NASEO

With an increasing number of natural and man-made events impacting the energy system, including winter storms, cyberattacks, and drought, State Energy Offices and Public Utility Commissions are key players in developing policy and regulatory actions that help enhance the resilience of the electric grid, for example through microgrids. This report authored by NASEO, NARUC, and Converge Strategies looks at different approaches for quantifying resilience, the role of microgrids in meeting resilience objectives, and steps and important considerations for states to facilitate resilient microgrid investments. Some of these considerations include gathering data on microgrid performance, convening stakeholders to share how they value resilience, and monitoring the release of tools in development by the National Labs and other researchers.