New Maryland Offshore Wind Website Launched

Source: NASEO

On June 15, 2022, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) launched a new website in partnership with the Business Network for Offshore Wind with funding from MEA’s Offshore Wind Business Development Fund. The Offshore Wind Maryland website will be a center for information and resources on offshore wind in the state including details on current projects, jobs in offshore wind, and upcoming public events.

“The need for this new Maryland offshore wind website can be directly attributed to the success of the offshore wind industry in Maryland,” said Dr. Mary Beth Tung, Director of MEA.

There are currently four offshore wind projects in development off the coast of Maryland which, together, are expected to provide over 2,000 MW of energy to the state. The first project, Marwin I, will be made up of 22 turbines and generate enough power to reach 75,000 Maryland homes. The expected completion date is sometime in 2024. The website provides a detailed overview of all the projects, as well as a history of offshore wind policy and programs in the state. There is an additional opportunity for project developers, suppliers, and manufacturers to join a Supplier Database linked on the website and partner with local companies to build out the domestic supply chain for offshore wind projects in the state and region.

For more information, please visit Offshore Wind Maryland.