NASEO, Markle Foundation, and Eno Center for Transportation Release Report on State Opportunities to Support Job Quality and Build an Inclusive Infrastructure Workforce

The report, Realizing the Workforce Potential of Infrastructure Investments: State Strategies to Advance Job Quality and Build Inclusive Workforces in Transportation and Clean Energy, highlights specific funding streams in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act that states can leverage to support workforce needs and offers a framework to help states navigate the array of options available to foster broad access to the benefits of good quality jobs in two of the most significant infrastructure sectors. The framework outlines three categories of actions that states can take, including 1) deepening cross-agency coordination between infrastructure and workforce agencies to align workforce investments with jobs; 2) augmenting workforce program funding to boost recruitment, training, and wraparound supports; and 3) embedding job quality, inclusion, and accountability into procurement. The resource also elevates examples of relevant models and uses of these strategies from around the country.

This report is informed by an initiative, launched in 2022 and co-led by the Markle Foundation, the Eno Center for Transportation, and NASEO, that convened state transportation agencies or State Energy Offices with their counterpart state workforce agencies in six states. The initiative focused on opportunities in transportation in California, Illinois, and Indiana, as well as opportunities in clean energy in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The initiative explored ways critical state agencies can leverage incoming federal funds to build sufficient, inclusive transportation and clean energy workforces with a focus on good quality jobs. You can download the full report, Executive Summary, and a two-page summary of the Framework for State Action. If you have questions about the initiative or the report, or if you would like to learn more, please reach out to Sandy Fazeli ( or Grace Lowe (