NASEO and NARUC Release Summary of Expert Recommendations for Supporting DER Aggregator Participation in Wholesale Markets and Operations in Line with FERC Order 2222


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) passed Order 2222 in September 2020, allowing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to compete alongside traditional generation resources in wholesale electricity markets through participation via DER Aggregators (DERAs). Order 2222 adds complexity to a system already in the midst of unparalleled change with current and anticipated growth of DER deployment. State and federal policy makers and regulators are evaluating and determining whether and where to establish new rules and requirements as well as enabling policies to bring both DERs and their aggregations onto the electricity system safely, fairly, and reliably. This document was prepared to provide state energy decision makers such as Public Utility Commissions and State Energy Offices with a summary of state actions, considerations, and enabling policies related to Order 2222 implementation.