Michigan Passes Legislation to Advance Climate and Clean Energy Goals

Source: NASEO

In November 2023, the Michigan legislature passed a suite of climate bills through the Clean Energy Future Package and Clean Energy and Jobs Act to help the state meet objectives outlined in the MI Healthy Climate Plan (developed by the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) and achieve Governor Whitmer's goal of 100% carbon neutrality by 2050. The legislation is expected to secure nearly $8 billion in federal investment, generate around 160,000 jobs, and save households an average of $145 annually in energy costs.

The Clean Energy Future Package includes five bills (Senate Bills 271, 273, 277, 502, 519) that will help the state meet or exceed the recommendations laid out in the MI Healthy Climate Plan's Roadmap to 2030. For example, Senate Bill 271 increases Michigan's renewable energy standard from 16% to 60% by 2030 and raises the cap on rooftop solar from 1% to 10%. Other bills focus on expanding energy efficiency programs and standards, ensuring farmers can use their land for solar development, establishing stronger labor protections, and incorporating affordability and environmental justice into energy planning and decision making.

The Clean Energy and Jobs Act, which contains House Bills 5120 and 5121, aims to streamline the deployment of commercial wind, solar, and storage projects. Overall, these legislative actions will enable Michigan to advance the state's clean energy, climate, and equity priorities while creating jobs and protecting the environment.