Massachusetts Releases Clean Energy Transmission Working Group Report

Source: NASEO

In December 2023, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Transmission Working Group (CETWG) released a report that explores “how transmission is planned, how it is paid for, the benefits it provides to the electric grid and to the consumers that fund it, and impediments to transmission development.” The CETWG was established by the Massachusetts Legislature through its 2022 Climate Law, with members appointed by the Governor and co-chaired by the Commissioner of Energy Resources and the Chair of the Department of Public Utilities. The mission of CETWG was to identify any necessary transmission infrastructure upgrades that may be required to support the deployment of clean energy projects. The report includes recommended actions at the federal, regional and state levels to enhance the process of planning, developing, siting, and operating existing and new transmission facilities to support the transition to a clean energy future. Recommendations outlined in this report span the topics of transmission planning, interconnection, offshore wind transmission, workforce development, and siting and permitting. The report is available here.