Texas-Based Mission Solar Energy Creates "Made-in-San Antonio" Panels

CPS Energy already has more than 130 megawatts of solar power online, bringing clean, renewable energy to customers.

Another 300 MW of sun power is on the way, and that means a lot of solar panels. The good news is, all of those panels will be made right here in San Antonio.

Alamo 1, the first solar farm built as part of our 400-MW agreement with OCI Solar Power, relies on 167,000 panels to generate 45 MW of clean energy. Really… 167,000 panels. Alamo 2, a 4.5 MW farm located on the northeast side, uses 18,000. The latest, a 39 MW farm located in Brackettville, 124 miles west of San Antonio, relies on 150,000 panels.

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