Louisiana's Cleco Alternative Energy Center Explores Generation Through Renewable Energy Resources

Cleco and the University of Louisiana Lafayette recently launched the Cleco Alternative Energy Center, to evaluate electricity production from sustainable materials rather than fossil fuels.  Cleco has provided approximately 70% of the costs to the $8 million facility; the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, approximately 20%; and UL, approximately 10%.

The center will be used to study and develop alternative energy technologies using renewable energy sources, which benefit the environment.

Cleco Power will build the facility with the help of a $1 million stimulus grant from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources’ Empower Louisiana Renewable Energy Grant Program. The state created the grant program with money received from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Once complete, Cleco Power will maintain the facility, and UL Lafayette will operate and staff it.

“By building this research center, we can collaborate with the university’s faculty and students and utilize their test data to help develop alternative energy solutions for our customers,” said George Bausewine, president and chief operating officer of Cleco Power. “We could not be more pleased about this opportunity to partner with a Louisiana university and to invest in a community like the city of Crowley.”

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