Secretary of Energy Moniz Addresses State Energy Offices at NASEO Conference

Secretary of Energy Moniz highlighted the importance of the relationship between DOE and the State Energy Offices in meeting the challenges that will emerge from the QER and lauded NASEO’s Infrastructure Modernization Resolution.  Click here for the video.

Secretary Moniz’s presentation focused on an overview of the President’s recently-released FY’16 Budget including funding details for the U.S. Department of Energy.  Secretary Moniz emphasized that the DOE budget aligns with the soon-to-be-released Quadrennial Energy Review (QER).   The DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis has conducted analysis and research that factors into the QER and Moniz shared that he believes the end result will be helpful to the states as they look at infrastructure challenges and solutions.  Secretary Moniz highlighted the importance and the value of the relationship between DOE and the states in meeting many of the challenges that will be included in the QER, including analysis of energy and related infrastructure. Secretary Moniz related the importance of the work being undertaken in the states and his desire for DOE and the states to work hand-in-hand to accomplish many of the goals outlined by the President.  His remarks included updates on the funding levels in the budget and provided an overview on state and tribal opportunities including loan programs and competitive grants.