Lewis Mills (MO), Paul Miller (LA), and Susan Brown (WI), Assume Roles on NASEO's Board of Directors

Lewis Mills (MO) was recently elected to NASEO's Board of Directors as a representative for the Midwest Region, while Paul Miller (LA) was elected to represent the Central Region.  Mr. Mills replaces Susan Brown (WI), as she assumes the position of Treasurer on the NASEO Board of Directors.

Comprised of two SEO Directors from each of NASEO’s six regions, the NASEO Board of Directors serves as the association’s governing body. The Board shapes the organization’s mission and direction and ensures that NASEO has the appropriate leadership and resources available to help achieve its strategic aims. The Board also plays a vital role in the decision-making process of the organization and ensures that all other state and affiliate members’ voices are heard.

For more information on the NASEO Board of Directors, please visit http://www.naseo.org/board.