Governor Nixon Announces Program to Support Missouri Homeowners Investing in Energy Efficiency

Governor Jay Nixon recently announced a new homeowner energy certification program, administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development's Division of Energy, that encourages residents to join the state in making improvements or upgrades to their homes.

“Energy efficiency is a win-win for consumers and our economy,” Gov. Nixon said. “This new certificate is the state’s seal of approval to those taking positive steps to reduce energy usage and invest in systems that will add value to their homes. This is another opportunity for Missourians to make a difference in our state’s energy future as well as create jobs in the energy solutions industry.”

A recent national poll by the Demand Institute showed that finding an energy-efficient house is a top priority among potential homebuyers. The MHEC will give homeowners an additional selling point and convey the value of their home’s energy-efficient features to potential buyers. Eligible homes can receive gold- or silver-level certification by achieving specified criteria in existing home energy rating systems and implementing significant energy-efficient improvements.

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