Colorado Kicks Off Home Energy Score Program to Benefit Home Buyers, Sellers

Through its Better Buildings Colorado program, Colorado became the second state to offer the Home Energy Score statewide, which provides a home’s efficiency score and recommendations for efficiency improvements.  The program is uniquely targeting real estate professionals to implement the benefits that Home Energy Score can bring to home buyers and home sellers.

The Colorado program, administered through the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), integrates the Home Energy Score into real estate transactions. It prompts consumers to invest in energy efficiency at an opportune time – when they buy or sell a home. It can provide immediate payback for energy efficiency upgrades because it can make a home more attractive to potential buyers. The Colorado Home Energy Score program is also unique because it provides incentives for homebuyers for energy efficient upgrades when they first move in.  Colorado joins Connecticut, which began offering the score in April, as states offering the Score. Other states are expected to follow next year.

Similar to a vehicle’s miles-per-gallon rating, the Home Energy Score is a free tool from the Energy Department that provides an energy efficiency score for a home and recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.  Qualified professionals – known as Home Energy Score Assessors – collect data and generate a score on a 1-to-10 scale, with a 10 indicating that a home has excellent energy performance.

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