New Energy Codes Being Implemented Across Montana

Energy codes adopted by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry are being implemented statewide to make all future home and commercial buildings more energy-efficient.

Back in November 2014, the Department of Environmental Quality adopted a new energy code to make all future home and commercial buildings more energy-efficient in Montana.

This includes new standards for insulation, heating, cooling, and water services, as well as different design options for future buildings.
Mike West, owner and operator of Outwest Property Doctor, says the new code may provide new obstacles for companies like his, but he says there's no doubt about it: new property owners are getting a much better product.

"It’s pretty exciting to come in and have the opportunity to be able to do it, so we're excited to see where it takes us,” says West. “It’s definitely more challenging for the builders and designers, but you're getting a better building, it’s becoming more efficient, just better overall."

West also told me that homeowners are expected to save an average of $180 per year with the new energy code in place.

All construction companies, including Outwest Property Doctor, are expected to have the new code fully implemented by November 7th, just in time to test those new heating standards through the winter months.

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