Governor Cuomo Announces New York Green Bank Transactions of up to $220 Million in Clean Energy Projects

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the closing of four new NY Green Bank transactions, which are expected to generate up to $220 million in clean energy projects, including more than 6,200 residential rooftop solar installations across the state.

“New York is a national leader in combatting climate change and investing in clean energy technology to grow the state’s economy,” Governor Cuomo said. “These projects will not only help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment, but ensure the state continues to reach its ambitious goal of 50 percent renewable energy by 2030.”

Since 2014, NY Green Bank has made demonstrable progress, jump starting economic development and job creation, and raising additional private capital that is being invested in New York State. Together, the new NY Green Bank transactions – along with those closings previously announced – are advancing the Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy by facilitating increased private sector financing of clean energy projects.

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