New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Creates Program to Support Electric Vehicles

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is rolling out a new grant program to help employers offset the costs of installing electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using electric vehicles.

Improving New Jersey’s air quality is the impetus for a new grant program that can help employers offset the installation cost for electric vehicle charging stations across the state, and a new website portal to educate the public about electric vehicles, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin and Board of Public Utilities (BPU) President Richard S. Mroz announced today.

The DEP and BPU have teamed together to launch the grant program “It Pays To Plug In.” The first phase of the program offers $725,000 in reimbursement grants to employers to offset some of the costs to purchase and install the stations, while also encouraging employees to ultimately purchase and drive electric vehicles to work. In turn, the use of more electric vehicles on New Jersey’s roads will reduce the amount of tailpipe emissions that affect air quality.

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