NASEO Concludes 2016 Series of Regional Meetings

Each Spring, NASEO hosts a series of in-region meetings for each of the six NASEO Regions.  During these meetings, State Energy Officials convene to address pressing issues and identify regional actions on subjects ranging from program direction under the U.S. State Energy Program (SEP) to comprehensive and strategic approaches within state energy planning.  In addition, NASEO regional meetings provide attendees a chance to exchange ideas, interact with important stakeholders from across the region, strategize over current and upcoming challenges, and explore opportunities and potential collaborations with other industry experts.  The 2016 NASEO Regional Meetings were held throughout April, May, and June and brought together expert panelists to brief State Energy Officials and provided opportunities for each region to discuss areas of mutual interest and share best practices and lessons learned on a variety of key topics including innovative energy financing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative fuels and electric vehicles, and comprehensive energy planning.