SEP Funds Leveraged $350 Million in State Resources for Residential Energy Efficiency

$350 million
Funds a residential energy efficiency program

Number of home improvements

Annual homeowner energy savings

Annual homeowner cash savings


In Alaska, the State Energy Office leveraged SEP funds to implement a residential energy efficiency program.  The Alaska Legislature provided $350 million dollars to co-fund this program, which provides grants to homeowners for home energy audits.  Based on the audit recommendations, homeowners can qualify for a direct cash rebate of up to $10,000 for energy efficiency upgrades performed on their home.  As of January 2015, improvements have been made to approximately 16,000 Alaska homes.  The average homeowner spent $11,681 and qualified for a rebate of $6,889.  On average, the improvements have resulted in annual energy savings of 34 percent, or cash savings of $1,464.

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