SEP Supported Launch of Colorado Dairy and Irrigation Efficiency Pilot in 20 Farms and Dairies

Number of farms and dairies participating in pilot



Annual energy savings:
260,000 kWh
10,000 Ccf
Natural gas
9,500 gallons

Annual cost savings


In Colorado, the State Energy Office used SEP funding, to launch the Colorado Dairy and Irrigation Efficiency Pilot to help make achieving energy efficiency easy for Colorado producers. This pilot project conducted energy audits for 12 farms, and worked with eight dairies to install measures that will save over 260,000 kWh of electricity, 10,000 Ccf of natural gas, and 9,500 gallons of propane annually—the equivalent of more than $47,000 in annual cost savings. With about $168,000 in incentives, producers will be able to see a return on their investments in less than four years, with many measures paying for themselves in energy savings in less than two years. The Colorado State Energy Office has implemented a statewide program to build on the pilot program’s success to reduce energy use and costs in Colorado’s agricultural sector.

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