New Hampshire

Used SEP Funds to Retrofit a State Hospital, Resulting in $14,800 in Annual Energy Savings

Next capital budget for remaining efficiency improvements at New Hampshire State Hospital

Energy savings at hospital per year

Number of other public and state building "retro-commissions
Annual energy savings


In New Hampshire, the State Energy Office utilizes SEP funds for a diverse range of important energy programs and projects.  One example is the support of a “retro-commissioning” analysis of the New Hampshire State Hospital, which resulted in many simple changes that were easy to implement and low cost, and resulted in significant savings.  Impressed by the results of that work, the New Hampshire Legislature included $43,000 in the capital budget to make the remaining suggested efficiency improvements.  The result will be energy savings of $14,800 per year for the hospital.  To date, New Hampshire has completed energy efficiency projects in over 100 buildings, producing annual savings of $800,000.

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