New Jersey

SEP Funds Supported the Installation of Innovative Energy Technologies in State Buildings

Energy efficiency projects funded

Reduction in building facilities management costs

Reduction in building electric energy use


In New Jersey, the State Energy Office utilized SEP funding to provide grants to seven energy projects ranging in size from a $63,000 boiler retrofit project at Rutgers University, to an $8.5 million landfill solar project with the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. The grant program was designed to provide funding to state departments, agencies, authorities, colleges and universities that use innovative renewable or energy efficiency technologies or innovative applications for renewable energy applications and energy efficiency projects. The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is one example of New Jersey's state universities taking advantage of SEP funds. Upon final completion, the implemented measures will reduce building facilities management cost by approximately 75 percent, will reduce electric energy use by approximately 50 percent and will reduce the total building fossil energy use by approximately 40 percent through efficiency improvements and renewable energy generation.

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