SEP Funding Leveraged to Support $51 million in Home Energy Loans

In private investment made for every
Of SEP funding

21 million kWh
Annual electricity savings

148,000,000 kBTU
Reduction in heating fuel consumption


In Pennsylvania, the State Energy Office used SEP funding to support the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program (HELP), a public/private partnership that provides lower cost financing to homeowners for ENERGY STAR single measure improvements such as heating, cooling, insulation, geothermal as well as whole house energy improvements under Home Performance with ENERGY STAR guidelines.  Each dollar of SEP investment led to over $3 in private investment. The SEP funding supported 5,700 consumer loans valued at $51 million to Pennsylvania home-owners resulting in annual energy savings of 21 million kwh of electricity and 148,000,000  kBTU reduction in heating fuel consumption; and 22,000,000 lbs. reduction in CO2 emissions through installed residential energy conservation and efficiency measures.

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