SEP Funds Support Critical Energy Emergency (or Energy Assurance) Functions

Uses SEP funds to support critical energy emergency functions

Uses SEP funds to respond to energy supply outages

Uses SEP funds for planning and mitigation efforts to restore economic activity


In Tennessee, the State Energy Office uses a portion of its SEP funds to support critical energy emergency (or energy assurance) functions in partnership with the federal government and private sector.  For example, within the past year, three Colonial Pipeline incidents affected most of Tennessee’s gasoline supply. The energy office’s ability to collect confidential information from petroleum suppliers to assess the situation and coordinate with DOE and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency to ensure mission critical and first responder fuel needs were met was essential to protecting public health and safety. In another example, many of the Tennessee’s 1,650 commercial poultry houses have limited access to natural gas and rely on propane to heat livestock housing.  In the winters of 2014-2015, propane distribution issues occurred, and the state worked with the industry and DOE to ensure that farmers had access to propane.

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