West Virginia

SEP Funds to Train Student Engineers on No-Cost TA to Private-Sector Clients

Number of engineering students trained
Number of public and private sector clients assisted

$20 million
In energy cost savings identified

30.3 Million kWh
In energy savings identified


In West Virginia, the State Energy Office has partnered with the WV University Statler School of Engineering’s College of Mechanical and Aerospace to provide low- and no-cost energy efficiency training audits, technical assistance and other service options to businesses, municipalities, schools and nonprofits throughout the state. This program uses senior and graduate-level engineering students, providing them with real world working experience.  Since 2010 this partnership has provided:

     • Hands-on training to 600 engineering students
     • Assistance to 400 public and private sector clients
     • 30.3 million KWh and $20 million in identified potential energy savings.

A notable example is Crestwood Inc, a natural gas compression station, in Salem, WV. The client requested an energy assessment. Suggested recommendations included: condensing turbine for electricity generation from waste heat, installing a PLC-based control system to improve operation of a reboiler, installation of a building energy management system, adjusting boiler air-to-fuel ratio, and energy efficient lighting.  When implemented the company will see combined savings and increased revenue exceeding 11,000,000 kWh/year of electricity, 3,700 MMBtu/year of natural gas, with annual cost savings of nearly $1,000,000.  Estimated payback on investment is approximately two years.

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