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2014 Georgia Energy Report

State Energy Plan 2014 Georgia Energy Report
Date of Current Plan 2014
Authoring Agency Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA)

Since the last Georgia energy report was released in 2012, there have been significant changes within Georgia’s energy sector, and progress has been made on many of the state’s energy programs and goals.  In 2013, the state executed its first guaranteed energy savings performance contract (GESPC) at Phillips State Prison in Buford, Ga. The State Energy Program (SEP) completed projects that will save the state an estimated 250 million kWh per year, enough energy to power more than 16,000 homes for a year. In 2013, the Weatherization Assistance Program weatherized 3,814 homes.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that the Georgia environmental Finance authority (GEFA) has led over the past two years.  In addition to projects led by GEFA, many other organizations and institutions within Georgia, including private sector companies, regulatory bodies, and nonprofit organizations, have led positive improvements in the energy sector.  Outside the state’s borders, developments such as dramatic increases in natural gas and renewable technologies are changing how Georgia produces and uses energy.  GEFA continues to take a leadership role in energy conservation and management in the state by implementing and managing innovative and productive energy programs that span a wide range of sectors and communities. These initiatives, as well as important energy trends, will be highlighted in the 2014 Georgia energy report