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Iowa Energy Plan

State Energy Plan Iowa Energy Plan
Date of Current Plan December, 2016
Authoring Agency Iowa Economic Development Authority (houses Iowa Energy Office) and Iowa Department of Transportation

“Collaborate locally. Grow sustainably. Lead nationally.” Iowa is a leader in biofuels and renewable energy. That leadership was achieved because of thoughtful planning. Creating a statewide energy plan will keep Iowa at the forefront of energy policy and allow our state to develop a path toward the future.

The Iowa Energy Plan’s vision statement represents the collective understanding of Iowa’s ideal future in terms of its energy use and resources. The vision considers a planning horizon of 10 years, with 15 objectives and 45 strategies outlined in the 100+ page report. During the planning process, the following themes were identified as key areas that could positively impact Iowa’s energy economy:

  • Energy Workforce Development
  • Technology-based Research and Development
  • Supporting Rural and Underserved Areas and Populations
  • Natural Gas Expansion
  • Iowa’s Biomass Potential
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Electric Grid Modernization

The comprehensive plan, executive summary and additional resources can be found at

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