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Idaho Energy Plan

State Energy Plan Idaho Energy Plan
Date of Current Plan 2012
Authoring Agency Idaho Legislative Council Interim Committee on Energy, Environment and Technology

This plan is operational, approved by the Energy, Environment and Technology Interim Committee on January 10, 2012 and formally adopted by the Idaho Legislature on March 6, 2012.  The Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance, headed by the Idaho Governor's Energy Office (the state energy office), assisted with its development.   It is an update of the 2007 Idaho Energy Strategy.  The plan is based upon the following objectives: ensure a secure, reliable and stable energy system for the citizens and businesses of Idaho; maintain Idaho’s low-cost energy supply and ensure access to affordable energy for all Idahoans; protect Idaho’s public health, safety and natural environment and conserve Idaho’s natural resources; promote sustainable economic growth, job creation, and rural economic development; and provide the means for Idaho’s energy Policies and Actions to adapt to changing circumstances.with additional planning efforts through the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance (SEA) and the Idaho Office of Energy Resources.  The recommended policies and actions are organized by the following categories: electricity, natural gas, petroleum and transportation fuels, conservation and energy efficiency, energy facility siting, economic development, and energy outreach and education. 

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HCR 062 (2006 session) and HCR 013 (2007 session)