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Maine Comprehensive Energy Plan Update

State Energy Plan Maine Comprehensive Energy Plan Update
Date of Current Plan 2015
Authoring Agency Governor's Office of Energy

As of December 2013, this plan is operational with implementation and on-going planning efforts through the Governor's Energy Office, as well as the Maine Legislative Joint Standing Committee on Energy and Utilities.  It is designed to help guide Maine towards an energy future with affordable, reliable and clean energy supplies that are environmentally responsible and economically beneficial to Maine energy consumers and utility rate payers.  Some of the main contributing factors of this plan include dependence on unreliable, insecure and expensive foreign oil and natural gas and a rapid rise in energy prices to historic levels in 2008.  Its goals include achieving economic prosperity, environmental integrity and energy security with clean, reliable, affordable, sustainable, and indigenous renewable resources.  In addition, it plans to weatherize 100% of all Maine residences and 50% of all Maine businesses in the next twenty years.

During the 2013 session, the legislature amended specific energy plan language to be included in the early 2015 update of the state energy plan. 


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