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Empower North Dakota Comprehensive State Energy Policy 2008-2025

State Energy Plan Empower North Dakota Comprehensive State Energy Policy 2008-2025
Date of Current Plan 2008, updated in 2016 (see link below within Status/Summary)
Authoring Agency Department of Commerce and EmPower ND Commission (appointed by Governor Hoeven)

This plan is operational with implementation and on-going planning efforts through the Department of Commerce’s Office of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (OREE).  Its overall purpose is to position North Dakota as a model for America in the development of innovative, long-term energy resources and to capitalize on its diverse set of energy resources.  This plan also aims to double energy production from all sources by 2025; derive at least 25% of energy produced from RE by 2025; export capacity to 4,000 MW; produce 135 million gallons of biodiesel by 2015; increase natural gas processed in-state by 64% (75 billion cubic feet per year by 2012); and produce 175,000 barrels of oil a day.

An update to this plan was released in 2016: Empower North Dakota, 2016 Energy Policy Updates and Recommendations

Created by Mandate

2007 Session Laws Chapter 204 §6

Planning Efforts Underway

There is no current state energy plan for North Dakota.