Board Background Materials

On behalf of the nation’s state and territory energy offices, I welcome you to NASEO’s Board. Board members play a vital role in the decision-making of the organization and ensuring all members voices are heard. Your time, energy and commitment will help guide us through the next year and we greatly appreciate your service.

As a Board member, you are required to attend at least two of the four Board meetings each year, either in person or by conference call. In addition, Regional Representatives are encouraged to meet by conference call with the state and territory energy officials in your region to learn about concerns and opportunities, and communicate those issues to the Board of Directors and NASEO staff. Other duties are summarized in the "Job Description" and "Roles and Responsibility Checklist".

Similarly, you are urged to communicate the results of each Board meeting to the state energy offices in your region. You are also expected to work with NASEO staff, as needed, to occasionally gather information, gain input, and seek comments on NASEO advocacy positions and policies.

Included below is information that may prove helpful as you embark on your service to NASEO:

NASEO Job Descriptions