Response Messure Elements - Level 3 Outline

For each contingency the following items should be considered and described as appropriate in the planning document. (See Guidelines page 46)

  1. Program Elements
    1. Description of the Measure
    2. What is the Intent of the Measure
    3. When the Measure should be used
    4. Legal Authority
  2. Coordination
    1. Role of the private and public sectors
    2. Relationship to the state’s emergency management plan
    3. Affects on other jurisdictions, regional entities and the federal government
    4. How will local governments be effected or have a role?
  3. Implementation
    1. Estimated budget and staffing
    2. Estimated computer requirements and security
    3. Procedures
    4. Implementation lead time and administration including the roles of other state or local agencies
    5. Evaluation mechanisms
  4. Impact Assessment
    1. Estimated demand reduction
    2. Estimated reductions in fuel consumption
    3. Estimated increase in supply
    4. Interdependency effects
    5. Social impacts
    6. Economic/financial impacts
    7. Information management
    8. Programmatic threats (for instance those associated with new or obsolescence technology)
  5. Risk Management
    1. Historical performance and deviation of response measure (i.e. lessons from the past)
    2. Define and monitor critical elements for the successful performance of the response measure
    3. Identify medium-to-long term impacts to reduce unintended consequences.